Being Human: Modern Ghost Stories

23 November / 6pm - 8.30pm / The Box / FREE, booking required


Liverpool has a rich history of ghost stories and storytellers, from the spirits that allegedly inhabit Speke Hall to the novels and short stories of the renowned local horror writer Ramsey Campbell. But how and why do we still tell ghost stories in the 21st century? Has our concept of ghosts changed in our digital, globalised age? How might our ideas of ghosts be connected to memory, landscape and history?


As part of the Being Human Festival, The University of Liverpool and FACT collaborate to host a screening of a locally-produced short film, Holmewood, a psychological ghost story inspired by the landscapes of the North West. The screening is followed by a discussion forum led by Dr David Hering from the Department of English at the University of Liverpool and involving artists and the filmmakers themselves, before opening out into a ‘free-spirited’ public discussion where you can tell your own ghost stories.


Join us afterwards in the bar to mingle with some of the filmmakers from this year's Liverpool Film Night compeition


This event is supported by University of Liverpool, University of London School of Advanced Study, Arts and Humanities Research Council, University of Liverpool Library, British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences and Wellcome Trust.

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