"In 1896, Nikola Tesla, one of the great geniuses of the electrical age, strapped a small oscillating motor to the central beam in his Manhattan laboratory and built up a powerful physical resonance that conducted through the building and into the earth to cause an earth-quake in which buildings shook, panes of glass broke and steam pipes ruptured over a twelve block area. He was forced to stop the motor with a blow from a sledge hammer."  (*)

Using the same resonating forces Tesla experimented with in New York, Winter Sparks artists Bosch & Simons, with your help, will create a moving sculpture, using reclaimed furniture, motors and household items.

In this workshop you will have the chance to work alongside the artists, ask them questions about the use of sound and science in art and find out more about the amazing experiments conducted by Tesla, whilst creating an artistic investigation of your own.

Children aged 10 and up will be able to participate in every element of the workshop, whereas younger, supervised children can assist in dressing the sculpture and attaching objects which will create sound and rhythm.

Bosch & Simons will be in the FACT Connects space in the foyer between 1pm - 3pm on Saturday 15 December. Visitors are welcome to drop in during this time to assist in building, dismantling and reconstructing this collaborative resonating sculpture.  All materials are provided.

(*)  from: The Sound of One Line Scanning by Bill Viola in Sound by Artists, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Canada,1990, p.43

Part of the programme for the Winter Sparks exhibition

Experience a light and sound show with electric sparks, interact with the dramatic charges from Tesla coils, and explore the mysteries of the Wilberforce pendulum, with work from four exciting international new media artists being seen in the UK for the first time.

Exhibition at FACT from 13 December 2012 - 24 February 2013.