Nothing More (NADA+) Cert. 15

  • Running time100 minutes
  • GenreArt

Dir: Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti / 2001 / Cuba / 88 mins

Selected by Liverpool Biennial 2016 artist Coco Fusco. Depicting the social and political struggles in present day Cuba, the film follows a young postak worker who dreams of joining her parents in Miami.

Part of the Liverpool Bienial 2016 Film Programme Another Version of Events.

After the film, there will also be a screening of Raphael Hefti’s An Aluminothermic Reaction Producing Liquid Steel, Filmed at 2000 Frames per Second (2016). The film is is a new artwork by Hefti, that continues his experiments in thermite welding - an engineering process devised in 1893, still used in the assembly of high-speed railway tracks today. Over the course of two weeks in May 2016, the artist transported nearly 100 tonnes of sand to the former construction site of the Pullman Hotel, transforming it into an outdoor studio and make-shift film set. The result is an intimate, near-hallucinatory work that oscillates between the industrial and the digital.

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