Lift-Off International is an exciting new film festival whose objective is to "look beyond the gloss" in order to promote raw talent and artistic flair in filmmakers from Liverpool and around the world. Founded in 2011, by up and coming independent filmmakers Ben Pohlman and James Alexander, Lift-Off is a place where small budgets and big dreams combine to give a powerful boost to budding film careers. After two successful first years in London, Lift-Off is expanding and coming up North, with the aim of providing Liverpool with an annual, truly independent film festival to showcase local and international talent alike. Known worldwide for its influential music and arts scene, which helped the city win European Capital of Culture 2008, Liverpool is the obvious choice to host the Northern branch of Lift-Off International.

Festival-goers will be spoiled with an eclectic line-up whittled down from over 600 submissions in a range of narrative genre, documentary and live script readings that are innovative and inspiring, deep and daring, dark and light-hearted: anything with a strong story that will move an audience. Each winning film receives automatic Official Selections at London, Las-Vegas and Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festivals, distributing their work across 4 transatlantic cities, whilst every submission earns an official IMDB page and individual feedback from professional judges. As Scousers are renowned for enthralling crowds with enthusiastic storytelling, you can expect an entertaining and challenging programme that's relevant to local audiences and international film-buffs in equal measure.

Screening 1

18:00 - 20:30

Shelter: A look at Manchester's homeless. (12m, United Kingdom) dir. by Mike Staniforth

Pregnant: A 5 year old boy decides he too must become pregnant. (7m, United Kingdom) dir. by Angelina Colom

Walk the Light: Working inside a traffic light isn't as easy as it looks. (14m, U S A) dir. by Anthony Sabet

Al final del dia: She is back in the country of her birth. (16m, Spain) dir. by Alvaro Garcia

Bigger and Badder: Trevor Deacon is not the sort of boss you want to disappoint. (16m, United Kingdom) dir. by Richard Wantuch

TIME 2 SPLIT: Life is such that sometimes it is time to separate. (5m, France) dir. by fabrice bracq

Lola: The life of a street performer is a bygone tradition. (21m, United Kingdom) dir. by Paul Waters

The English: Memory and abandonment echoes through the lives of a mother and son. (15m, United Kingdom) dir. by Deborah Tiso

Uncle Fran: Fran drank because the world was beyond him. (12m, United Kingdom) dir. by Mike Forshaw

Q: A Knight-errand in Brooklyn. (8m, U S A) dir. by Felipe Vara de Rey

Leonard: Coping with his daily existence. (9m, United Kingdom) dir. by Ged Hunter


Screening 2

21:00 - 23:30

The Gin Lady: A unique private service for her gentlemen callers. (09 min, United Kingdom) Dir. Simon Cook

Motorbike Midwife: The Herculean efforts of a fearless nurse. (24 min, United Kingdom) Dir. Masumi Higashi

Not at Home: Gene picks up a young hitchhiking girl who is just as lost as he is. (18 min, USA) Dir. Arielle Kilker

ANGEL: A young girl encounters adults in despair. (08 min, Ireland) Dir. Ruan Magan

All That Glisters: Dealing with her Dad's illness from asbestosis. (07 min, United Kingdom) Dir. Claire lamond

Damaged Goods: A gritty and bitter argument about the past. (12 min, United Kingdom) Dir. Ian Gamester

The House: A lonely child with a love of metal detecting. (18 min, United Kingdom) Dir. Gemma Ovens

Té con Amor: A young refugee arrives in industrial Liverpool in 1979. (10 min, United Kingdom) Dir. Harriet Macdonald

Sun: An 80 year old classical composer talks about inspiration. (12 min, United Kingdom) Dir. Jesse D Lawrence