Inspired by techniques used in Mark Boulos' Echo in Gallery 1, experiment with building lo-fi peppers ghost prototypes for iPad’s and tablets and turn yourself into a hologram! We’ll have iPad’s here for you to use but If you'd like to take your illusion away and amaze your friends please feel free to bring along your own!

Workshops between in the Atrium at FACT between 12pm - 4pm on the below dates. They’re completely free, Just drop-in!

26th Oct
2nd Nov
9th Nov
16th Nov

Peppers Ghost is an illusion technique used commonly in theatre magic tricks. Using plate glass, Plexiglas or plastic film and special lighting techniques, it can make objects seem to appear or disappear, to become transparent, or to make one object morph into another. It is named after John Henry Pepper, who popularized the effect in the late 1800's

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