AFF: VHS Kahloucha & I've Heard Stories Part 1 Cert. 15 Picture house at FACT

UK Premiere

I've Heard Stories Part 1

This short animation explores various ways to narrate an incident that once took place in the mythical Hotel Carlton. Against images of the deserted hotel today, the artist sketches situations that evoke the rumors that once circulated around the place and the people who inhabited it.

VHS Kahloucha

This explosive documentary on amateur filmmaker Moncef Kahloucha - a sort of North African Ed Wood, tells the kitsch and campy story of one of Tunisia's underground film icons. The picture follows the filmmaker as he produces, directs, buys props, casts parts, edits, and eventually premieres his Tarzan of the Arabs to Tunisian immigrants in Sicily. Belkadhi's film is a charming poem to the empowering mystique of cinema and the passions it inspires. 

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