Prototype: Holiday activity for young makers

  • 12 August 2013 - 14 August 2013

Do you have children or teenagers at a loose end this summer? Would they be interested in experimenting with interactive technologies and making new friends? Prototype is the holiday fun you’ve been looking for! We are offering young people aged between 13 and 17 the chance to spend three days at FACT, working with professional artists and technologists to experiment with interactive art forms. The 3 day programme has been carefully designed to give participants a well rounded, fun and valuable experience. Prototype aims to challenge the way we see and use new technologies.

FACT’s young people’s programmes believe in working collaboratively with participants and allowing them the time and space to explore their own creativity and talent-giving them the voice to lead their own learning. This ethos will be deeply embedded within Prototype, ensuring a positive experience for your child. All activities will use open source software and DIY techniques/materials, meaning your child can continue exploring at home.

What will your child gain from Prototype?: 

  • App programming and development skills.
  • Filmmaking skills
  • Simple circuit building
  • How to work with smart materials 
  • Connecting technology with fine art skills.
  • How to use 3D film and visual effects.
  • How to make lo-fi prototypes.
  • How to experiment with 3D animations.
  • Working as part of a creative team.
  • Confidence
  • Empowerment through working collaboratively.
  • Learning creative processes through iterative learning 
  • Making new friends.


About the activities

Prototype will feature three different day long activities: Lo-fi holography, interactive smart materials and mobile game design. Using toolkits featuring specially designed materials and worksheets, young people explore their own ideas at their own pace. The days will be structured to feature iterative cycles of ideation, design and feedback to support the young people’s learning through experimental hands on making and testing of their designs. Everyday young people will be able to bring home their creations!

NB. The same three-day format will be used for each age group however the activities will be tailored for the age and abilities of the participants.

Dates and Times

13-17 yrs: 12 -14 August 
10am - 4pm each day
The Box
£120 per person + £3.65 booking fee

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