U-Ram Cho - Opertus Lunula Umbra (Hidden Shadow of Moon)

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U-Ram Choe’s work embraces the man-made and the natural. He makes up a world of mechanical creatures that shift between streamlined metallic objects and amorphous biological forms of delicacy and weightlessness. His recent large-scale automated sculptures move with an effortlessness that suggests gliding through water or being ruffled by a gentle breeze. They appear to be a life form that reflects both our desire to create an intelligently designed universe, and the relationship between nature and beauty.

The commission for MADE UP is his most ambitious to date: approximately 5m in length, Opertus Lunula Umbra (Hidden Shadow of the Moon) is inspired by moonlight energy, and folds and unfolds its mechanical wings with the breath-like undulation. Its story explores medieval fantasy, the seductive appearance of reflected sunlight on the moon, mystenious energy sources and a lunatic’s gaze into waters at night.

U.R.A.M., aka United Research of Anima Machine, discovered this life-form made of mechanical structures from sunken boats of the past, and modern nautical devices. This new species was defined as Anima machine and a simulated setting was created to observe its behaviour. One of the outcomes from these efforts was the mega-sized model of Opertus Lunula Umbra displayed in FACT, Liverpool. This model was based on the exact creature found in Albert Dock, so far known as the largest and the most evolved example of the species.