• 11 December 2015 - 21 February 2016

FACTLab is a pioneering workshop space where you are invited to explore the possibilities of creative technology through hands-on experimentation. As part of unfold, FACTLab is offering two different opportunities to get invovled: 


FACTLab Hack Nights: Intro

This is an introductory course focused on interactive and creative technologies. We will introduce basic concepts of programming, electronics and interactivity using the Processing programming framework and JavaScript. The group will meet every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm, from 30 March until 8 June. (allow 15 people to sign up - signing up to the first sessions signs you up to all sessions).


FACTLab Hack Nights: Special Topics

This is a creative technology study group that will cover specific topics in programming, interaction and design. Each topic will last from 1 to 2 sessions and a couple of them will require some previous programming experience. A tentative schedule of topics is below. Participants are free to drop in on whichever session they are interested in doing, but we suggest sending an email to factlab@fact.co.uk to check the accuracy of the schedule.

FACTLab is a temporary workshop space designed to reveal the creative processes behind FACT's exhibitions programme.


In this space, you will find our artists in residence at work, and you can engage in workshops and skill-sharing events. Researchers, artists and technologists are also invited to produce new projects together. If you're interested in coming along to our Hack Nights programme to learn the basics of programming, coding and much more, click on the events tab for more information and to book your place. 


A partnership between FACT and the Liverpool School of Art and Design at LJMU, FACTLab reveals the processes behind our programme and ensures that this is a place where art is made and not just shown.