• 1 January 2011 - 30 November 2012

How do we react to art? ARtSENSE is a project aimed at improving and augmenting the gallery and museum visitor experience through wearable technology. The device in development uses eye-capture information as well as audio and stimulation data to monitor the user's biological response to an artwork or artifact - and pushes information to them accordingly. ARtSENSE is a European research project, in collaboration with two other cultural organisations and five technical and research organisations, including FACT and Liverpool John Moores University.

The goal of ARtSENSE was to examine the potential of Augmented Reality for the museum and gallery experience. The project introduced new wearable technologies for sensing continuously and non-intrusively the user’s context (visual context, eye-tracking, audio tracking, 3D spatialisation, physiological sensing) in order to determine the user’s current interests. ARtSENSEtackled a very important problem in the modern usage of ICT in cultural heritage domain: bridging the gap between the digital world with the physical in a highly flexible way in order to enable a novel, adaptive cultural experience. The ARtSENSE project aimed to develop an active assistant which looks over the user’s shoulder (physical world) and react on any change in a visitor’s state of interests (user’s world) by adapting the guide (digital world) accordingly.

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Roger McKinley
Research and Innovation Manager