Michael's work concerns itself with questions of reality, including those of philosophical realism and philosophy of mathematics, among others.  He is also interested in the audiences preconception of what art is and it's place in the world, and think about this when producing work.

"I like to experiment with the boundaries people create between themselves and art and the world around them. The ambiguous 'Total Achnovarchist Ordinal Form' movement has had a big influence on my work- largely due to their philosophical politics, artistic influences and the intrigue surrounding the organisation.

My work is rooted in the world of comic books and movies, although it often subverts the expected meaning and intentions of these media.

I like to experiment with different art practices including drawing, video, social, sound and mixed media/sculpture. I also experiment with my approach to art. Coming from a scientific as well as an artistic higher education, I often like to approach my projects in a mechanical and mathematical way, in terms of ideas.

Good Morning, Mr Phelps is a narrative piece that aims to propel the theme of reality and dreams to the audience through subtle insights into the narrative. The expectations and requirements that are dictated by the format of a movie poster have been exploited to explore the theme of reality and fiction, both thematically and in the practical terms of publication".

Michael is currently a student of Fine Art at the Liverpool Art and Design Academy of John Moores University.

Michael Hollywood