As if the act of racism isn't scary enough, now we've got a rich family trying to use it to their own advantage.

Get Out is the directorial debut of comedy actor Jordan Peele and tells the story of a photographer in an interracial relationship, who is told by his girlfriend before meeting her family for the first time, that they are unaware of the fact that he is black which makes him feel rather uncomfortable.

Although all seems dandy at first, Chris starts to uncover their sinister secret which may lead him to become fearful of his own life. This film is certainly told from a unique viewpoint we don't commonly see in genre films today, but this debut is very special as Peele not only knows how to direct a horror movie, but manages to keep his individual voice constant and clear throughout.

Chris feels very uncomfortable when he's the only black person in the room, and as he tries to grin and bear it for his girlfriends sake, her family can't help but make things rather awkward with statements like: "being black is in, it's fashionable" and "I would have voted for Obama for a third time" as they try too hard to make him feel at home.

Despite the film oozing intensity and fear, it definitely has a heavily comedic tone, shown mostly through Chris's best friend Rod - comedically portrayed by LilRel Howery - who is the character who speaks the mind of the audience, warning Chris about what he thinks is a "sex slave" scenario that the parents are conducting. Peele has definitely brought his own comedic chops to the project, making the film a breath of fresh air for audience members who are expecting the usual, cliche horror movie with fake scares and a self-serious tone. The comedy element to Get Out allows a more realistic outcome for the audience to cling to when the films many twists and turns start to kick in nearing the second and third act.

Visually, the film is stunning, with Peele using a clever Hitchcockian style within the films more mind-bending and psychologically thrilling scenes. As well as the films impeccable sound design which immerses the audience into the movie, and sometimes leading them to forget they're even watching a movie, with creepy songs and an eerie score to experience the situation first hand.

Despite the movie falling into the classic horror tropes like a person walking past accompanied by a loud jolt of music, or the occasional cliched line thrown in here and there; the films utter unique qualities and creative execution is what makes the movie an exciting and interesting experience for any audience member - although it may make any member of an interracial couple think twice about meeting the others family... With a great cast, it's truly a great cinematic experience and is guaranteed to make movie history in its genre.

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