Following the beautiful and intelligent Belle who is so intent on exploring the knowledge of the world that she has no want or need for a husband - especially not one like Gaston.

So ahead of her time, Belle is back, re-established and more charming and enchanting as ever. Emma Watson was meant for the role of Belle as she truly captures the essence of the classic Disney princess, courageous, fierce and beautiful. Watson’s singing is just as wonderful and as beautiful as the original.

The film itself is stunning. The incredible detail, which is brought to life from the original animation. If you don’t feel mesmerised by the beauty, then the musical score will surely capture you. The film takes the score from the original animation and without changing much, somehow transforming it to something more amazing. From the very first song ‘Belle’, which brought back warming memories, to ‘Be our Guest’, which was truly magical to watch. You are entranced by the stunning beauty and magic right down to the music which is incredible.

Beauty and the Beast is both enchanting and magical to watch and has many comedic elements. The relationship between Gaston and Lafou is fun to watch, making them almost likeable despite them being the antagonists. The banter between Cogsworth and Lumier from the original animation are brought back to life in this new live action version. Their back and forth in order to save the kingdom is entertaining to watch. This is not your typical romance, there is so much more depth to Beauty and the Beast - there is more to us than meets the eye.

The classic story is retold once again and is well worth watching. It’s mesmerising, enchanting and beautiful. It is a magical experience and an emotional rollercoaster of fun and heart felt love. This will film will forever be a part of the classics in my opinion, and will never lose its ability to enchant you.

It’s a tale as old as time…