‘I am interested in exploring ideas of what “woman” means in culture, and of presenting the female image on film, not as an image to be possessed, but as an image in the mirror’ says Biller. Some of the strongest themes in The Love Witch are those of constructed femininity and narcissism, and, fittingly, the film features a heavily designed set and costume (including a hand-made custom wardrobe for Elaine and a hand-hooked pentagram rug, all created by Biller). Biller, with Director of Photography M. David Mullen, has also taken great care in recreating the distinct cinematic look of the Technicolor thrillers of the 1960s, shooting on 35mm film with saturated colours and using hard lighting to create a classically glamorous aesthetic.

After realising that her obsession with old Hollywood was because this was when many “women’s pictures” were made, which were 'not about men dominating their environments and women, but about social and psychological issues', Biller vowed 'to make a cinema about female experience that caters to women’s visual pleasure.' She continues, 'My hope is that other women will identify with Elaine as I do: as a woman seeking love, who is driven mad by never really being loved for who she is, but only for the male fantasies she has been brainwashed to fulfil.'

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