Alejandro Jodorowsky is well established within the world of cinema; whether the psychedelic cinematic world he creates through soundtracks and as a director makes him either infamous or a genius - a debate amongst film fans. Notable classics The Holy Mountain (1973) and El Topo (1970) are a feast for the eyes and ears that no-one can ever forget, letting us fully enter the psyche of this French-Chilean maverick.

Now 87 year old, Jodorowsky is documenting his life from childhood to present day in a series of surreal films. On 29 January, FACT will be showing a double bill of Dance of Reality (2013) and Endless Poetry (2017), for the full Jodorowsky life story experience.

The first film, Dance of Reality, was written, directed and produced by Jodorowsky and was his first film release since The Rainbow Thief (1990). It’s an amalgamation of genres, from musical to drama, while being autobiographical. It deals with Jodorowsky’s childhood in the 1930s Chile, a hard and alienating upbringing with a Stalin-worshipping father Jaime and his attempt to assassinate right-wing president Carlos Ibáñez del Campo. This hard-hitting plot is all presented through the colourful eye of Jodorowsky, and is a compelling watch for any cinema fan.

The second film is Jodorowsky’s new film, Endless Poetry, telling the story of Jodorowsky as a young adult and his breakthrough as a poet. Jodorwosky left his parents and education in 1947 to join the bohemian circle in Chile, with writers like Enrique Lihn and Nicanor Parin who would become the titans of Hispanic literature. Yet again, Jodorowsky proves himself to be more of an auteur than a director. The illuminating colours, the fantastic cinematography, the imagery of skeletons, an artistically wonderful world that Jodorowsky never fails to create.

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