20 November 2013

Our next exhibition, Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life, considers our relationship to work, how technology is changing our working lives, our work-life balance and what is the future of work. 

The exhibition has been developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, who have developed a unique tool to help you better understand your work/life balance and how you compare to the traditional idea of eight hours work, eight hours leisure and eight hours rest. 

The eight-hour day movement began in Britain during the Industrial Revolution with social reformer Robert Owen as one of its key proponents. With the rise of service, office and freelance jobs this rigid idea has changed drastically with people now working to a completely varied schedule.

Using the What’s Your Number tool, you’ll be able to find out your own personal statistics and how you compare to Robert Owen’s ideal 888 formula. 

For more information on What's Your Number? and Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life, please visit the exhibition project page.