5 November 2013

What makes you download?
For me it is about whether the app fulfills my needs or whether it has been recommended. I would say I would never download because of a brand but it would push me to tap the ‘install’ tab.
Imagine your friend has recommended a fab new app. You go to the App/play store to check it out. The logo looks like it has come from Word’s Clip Art in the early noughties, the tagline is patronising and the colours are ALL wrong. You search for another app that does the same, you find one that looks bright and contemporary and this automatically makes you think the actual app will too be bright and contemporary.

That is the power of a brand. The ability to make you think that everything associated with that product is whatever the marketeers want you to! Cool, reliable, cheap, luxurious. 

We all know we live in a world saturated by brands and advertisements and for a group of people trying to create an app on a small budget, this is not easy to wade through. This weeks Innovation Labs session was all about this. Our team first talked about what branding is and how we will create our own. Once we had got our head around how brands can make us feel, we started throwing words out there. Words that we associated with our app. Below is a pic of what we came up with. I was writing these words down and I got so excited by them! They evoked lots of great images & taglines in my mind. They were all so positive and strong.
After this we all looked at Pinterest and how that could help us in our research. Essentially it is a mood board. A place where you can store images and links to things online that inspire you. We all created our boards and started Pinning.

Next session we will flesh out our ideas and finally create the name and the first iterations of our brand……exciting!

More information about the Innovation Labs project can be found on our project page, or on the Innovation Labs website