13 November 2013

American artist and filmmaker Mark Boulos has taken over FACT for the past 6 weeks with 3 of his documentary works and the unique, immersive video installation, Echo. The exhibition closes on Thursday 21 November, don’t miss your chance to catch this incredible exhibition.

In Echo, viewers encounter a ghostly ‘reflection’ of themselves – that moves and speaks as they do in real time - but transposed upon a documentary background of an urban landscape. As the viewer continues to observe their doppelgänger, time is desynchronized and spatial perspective is distorted and broken, inducing a feeling of disorientation, alienation and anxiety. Developed in collaboration with leading Neuroscientist Olaf Blanke, visitors have described Echo as ‘very inspirational’, ‘absolutely amazing’, ‘beautiful’, ‘ eerie and ethereal’.

In our Gallery 2 we are showing three of Mark’s documentary style works, All that Is Solid Melts into Air, The Origin of the World and No Permanent Address. These films feature everything from Guerilla fighters in the Philippines, traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to Nigerian freedom fighters and a unique self-portrait of the artist.

The exhibition closes at 6pm on Thursday 21 November. For more information on Mark Boulos, Echo and all the works in the show, please visit the exhibition project page.