5 November 2013

Dziga Vertov is an iconic filmmaker who has inspired the work of countless filmmakers including Mark Boulos who's work is currently on show in our galleries. Vertov’s work has been described as the first examples of Cinema Verite, or ‘truthful cinema’. 

His career, between 1917 and 1954 saw him create documentaries throughout the Soviet Union. He called drama films ‘a corrupting influence’ and railed against them throughout his career. The unique way of working which he developed involved shooting a huge random database of scenes, which he then passed to his editors who had the job to shape the film into a narrative.

The Eleventh Year is one of Vertov’s lesser-known films. It tells the story of the eleventh year of the Soviet Union and has been described as an ‘ode to Soviet power’. It is one of Vertov’s iconic montage documentaries that according to the filmmaker uses ‘the language of the eye’ as well as the ‘socialist language’. 

The Eleventh Year will be screened with a unique live soundtrack from London based band Barquentines. They have soundtracked various silent films including Vertov’s most famous film, Man With a Movie Camera.

Tickets for The Eleventh Year with a Live soundtrack are on sale now from the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and online. For more information about Mark Boulos and the entire season of curated films, please visit the Mark Boulos project page.