7 October 2013

Veterans In Practice and Liverpool Veterans Project have come together to set up a website called liverpoolveterans.co.uk funded by the Ministry of Defence (through the community covenant scheme) which will be designed and managed by veterans from the VIP group at FACT. This groundbreaking site aims to help with the ever increasing difficulties personnel are finding themselves in once they have left the armed forces.

The main problems experienced by some ex-forces on leaving are housing, employment, mental health and self-medicating (drugs, alcohol). The website aims to point people in the right direction to help them avoid these problems, hopefully before they occur.

liverpoolveterans.co.uk will be useful for veterans of any age and their family and friends, as they can find an A-Z of agencies dealing with a multitude of problems. The site will be updated regularly with the latest courses, job fairs, coffee mornings and charity nights and events by LFC and EFCs veterans programmess.

As well as providing information and support, the website will also have a space where the forces community can upload and share their creative projects, whether this is film, sound or digital image, and veterans can then comment and make links – developing a creative veterans network.

The website is an ongoing project and should be online by March 2014.