11 October 2013

Established in 2003 in an effort to highlight, showcase and celebrate the impact of Irish culture on Liverpool’s history, the festival now features a huge programme of events including music, theatre, film and more.

This yeas programme at FACT features 7 events across the ten days of the festival kicking off on Sunday 13 October with a selection of shorts from the Indie Cork festival. Curated by the festival’s Una Feely, the event will feature some of the best and most interesting short films produced in Ireland this year, as well as some of the great shorts of the past. The films will be introduced by a selection of Ireland’s finest up and coming directors. On Monday 14 October we’re showing a second programme of films featuring a different group of films.

As part of the festival, we are screening three films looking at Irish revolutionaries. The programme will be curated and introduced by Dr Gerry Smyth, Reader in Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University.

First up is the story of Anne Devlin, based on the life of the housekeeper of Robert Emmet, leader of the failed Irish Rising of 1803. Murphy created a bona fide classic of feminist cinema that uses the marginalised perspective of a poor female servant to question the received wisdom of Irish revolutionary history. Anne Devlin is showing on 15 October at 6.30pm.

On 16 October, Michael Collins offers an image of the Irish revolutionary hero answerable to the needs of the contemporary moment. Starring Hollywood A-Lister Liam Neeson, the film tells the story of Ireland’s most mythologised revolutionary figure. 

Steve McQueen’s debut feature, Hunger, is screening on 18 October. It won the Caméra d’Or, and countless other awards from around the world. Featuring a career-defining role by Michael Fassbender, it tells the story of Bobby Sands, Member of Parliament and leader of the IRA Hunger Strikes of 1981.

Concluding the film programme is a rare screening of Lenny Abramson’s brilliant, first feature-length film, the stunning Adam and Paul. There will be an after show discussion with the man himself, Lenny Abrahamson, who is taking a break from finishing off his fourth feature, Frank, a comedy about a young wannabe musician starring Michael Fassbender and Domhnall Gleeson.

Tickets for all the screenings are on sale now from the Box Office, online and by phone on 0871 902 5737.