18 October 2013

Our first week and a half at FACT has been successful. After over a year of hard work all round, we are finally up and running. We’ve had a great response from the public, ranging from people wanting to use their files to 3D print their own heads, to arts and health organisations wanting to run workshops with us.

From Thursday to Saturday we threw ourselves into the 3 day AND festival and gratefully welcomed the mass of technology and art loving heads that came with it.

On Friday morning, team Headspace attended Video Ergo Sum, an event organised to reflect upon the Marc Boulos piece Echo. Following a tour of  the Marc Boulos collection, a seminar was held inviting guest speakers and audience members to explore a dialogue between contemporary art, psychology and science.  The speakers consisted of neuroscientist Professor Olaf Blanke, curator and writer Kerstin Winking, the director of FACT Mike Stubbs and Mark Boulos himself. Drawing from Prof Blanke’s recent article Video Ergo Sum (I see myself therefore I am,) Boulos explained that Echo was created with the aim of developing an uncanny intimacy between the viewer and his work. He explained that he is able to induce a disembodying effect by allowing his audience to see themselves positioned directly within the piece.

On Saturday, we managed to hit a third of our target as Frances Ranzetta of Create London became head number 333. At close on Sunday we had reached a huge 406.
We look forward to the stories to be uncovered and the conversations to be had with the heads of week 2!

To keep up to date with the project you can visit the Headspace website, or take a look at FACT's Headspace project page for more information.

Headspace is a free drop in installation run in collaboration with Alder Hey Hospital and based in the FACT foyer and forms part of the Mark Boulos exhibition programme. Come and take part to contribute towards future research in children's craniofacial surgery.