7 October 2013

From 6 October until January 2014, Gothic Sundays will feature a collection of the scariest, creepiest, most gruesome films that lift the lid on this dark storehouse of the imagination, which found its heart in Britain, and came to life on film.

These films feed into our deepest and darkest fears, bringing creatures of the night to life up on the screen. In the opening section of the season we’ll be bringing you monsters, vampires, werewolves and more with 6 classic monstrous movies. 

The season kicked off last weekend with 1941’s The Wolf Man, starring Lon Chaney Jnr and Bela Lugosi.

Up next we have Karl Freund’s The Mummy which stars the legendary Boris Karloff. With a depth and grandeur, that was completely missing from the modern adaptations, the long dead Imhotep is reawaken with dark magic to cause death and destruction.

On Sunday 20 October, the original and definitive Dracula returns to the big screen. Bela Lugossi’s genre defining performance casts Dracula as an eerily hypnotic count, who arrives in London in search of more forbidden prey.

The original vampire movie, made 9 years before Dracula, returns to FACT again this year. Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, showing on 27 October, is a terrifying film of strange and unearthly beauty directed in F.W. Murnau’s own distinctive style. 

Completing the first portion of the Gothic Season is the critically acclaimed, The Elephant Man, screening on 3 November. David Lynch’s nightmarish vision of John Merrick, based on a true story, see’s the deformed John Hurt rescued from fairground exploitation by an eminent surgeon, played by Anthony Hopkins. 

Details of the next portion of the season will be announced soon! Tickets for all the screenings are available online, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and at the Box Office.