19 September 2013

Inspired by the North West’s Textile industry, Punchcard Economy will consist of a machine-knitted banner that will be displayed as part of our December exhibition, Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life.

Liverpool based artist Sam Meech is beginning the project this week in the FACT Connects Space where he has taken up residence until 22 September. The project is based on Robert Owen’s 8 Hour Day banner that encouraged people to have ‘8 hours labour, 8 hours recreation, 8 hours rest’. In an effort to update this slogan for the modern, freelance creative worker, Sam will create a new banner featuring the working hours of people in the digital, creative and cultural industries, auditing contemporary working patterns within the digital economy, and revealing the shift from Owens’ ‘888’ ideal. 

As digital tools allow us to engage in work at home (or in transit), the distinction between work, rest and recreation is increasingly lost. Whether a freelancer or a full time employee, we often struggle to avoid ‘bringing your work home’.

To take part in the project, and contribute your own working hours to be included on the banner, drop into the space anytime between 10am and 6pm.  You can also contribute your hours to Punchcard Economy at the project’s website