24 September 2013

Our next exhibition, opening Thursday 3 October, is a solo show from artist and filmmaker featuring Echo, a new large-scale immersive video installation, alongside three of his previous documentary style works.

Throughout the exhibition we are hosting a range of screenings and events including a selection of Mark’s inspirations and favourite films. The full list is available on the Mark Boulos project page and we’ve picked out a few of our favourites here!

As part of AND Festival 2013, Mark Boulos has curated a programme of shorts, Scene and Unseen, featuring a mind-expanding set of works by different directors from across decades of experimental documentary and filmmaking.

On 16 October we are showing the unique and critically acclaimed, Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss! Song, the film which kick started the Blaxploitation movement in the 70’s. Selected by Mark for its influence on his filming style and its groundbreaking political resonance, the film is violent, explicit, shocking and very, very funny!

Werner Herzog is widely regarded as one of the best filmmakers and documentarians working today. His films, such as Grizzly Man, Rescue Dawn and Encounters at the End of the World are portrayals of unique communities, people and societies. We are showing one of his lesser-known films on Wednesday 13 November, Land of Silence and Darkness tells the story of a deafblind woman in 1970’s Germany.

Dziga Vertov is credited by Mark Boulos as a major inspiration for his work. We’re showing the little seen The Eleventh Year, which displays the incredible feats of Soviet engineering and industry. In his now iconic montage style, Vertov depicts the accomplishments of the Soviet state in its eleventh year.

A complete list of all the films, events, talks, and discussions in the Mark Boulos programme is available from the project page where tickets can also be purchased.