11 September 2013

Turning FACT Inside Out celebrates 10 years of FACT on Wood Street and features a selection of provocative international artists tackling some of the most pressing and controversial political and social issues of today.

The Guardian described HeHe’s Fracking Futures installation as ‘eerie and almost otherworldly’ with BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme featuring the artwork this week, discussing the issue of Fracking in the North West and how this artwork replicates the experience of Fracking (31 minutes in). You can also listen to a report about the piece on BBC Radio 4's The World at One (30 mins into the show).

In their review, Seven Streets called the exhibition ‘dizzying, playful and occasionally bemusing’, highlighting Katarzyna Krakowiak’s Chute which ‘throbs with the heartbeat of the building – the daily hubbub of the behind-the-scenes spaces – and opens up the windows to Wood Street for the first time.

Steve Lambert’s giant Capitalism Works for Me (True/False) sign that has taken over our atrium has been incredibly popular giving you the chance to voice your opinions on Capitalism. Through out the exhibition, Capitalism has taken a beating with False winning the vote on almost every day!

Manifest AR’s collection of unique technological games for tablets and smartphones, which examine ‘the borders of the physical and the virtual’, have spilled out of FACT with virtual plants, lost objects and sky writing popping up throughout Liverpool.

The exhibition closes for the final time on Sunday 15 September at 6pm, don’t miss your last chance to see the 'provocative', 'politically charged', 'visceral', 'risky and exciting' exhibition! For more information please visit the Turning FACT Inside Out project page