26 September 2013

The World’s Fairs began in 1851 as an opportunity for artists and inventors to present their creations to the world. The first took place in Hyde Park, and was called “The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations” and led to the industrial revolution and influenced art-and-design education, international trade and relations, and tourism for generations.

The inaugural AND Fair features, among many others, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez’s stunning digital glitch sculptures created using a ‘hill-climbing’ algorithm, Google and 3D modelling tools.

Creators of Ready to Cloud, the lo-fi teleportation device that took over FACT last month, return with their prototypes for extending the boundaries of visual perception. EYESECT is a wearable interactive installation that allows users to experience their environment from new points of view. With EYESECT, the eyes are not where they are supposed to be, instead replaced with two detachable handheld cameras.

The Centre for Genomic Gastronomy will be at the fair with The De-Extinction Deli providing extinct delicacies such as Wooly Mammoth and Passenger Pigeon for you to taste. The fantastical market stand is designed to highlight the emerging technologies, risks and outcomes of the growing movement to bring back extinct species

Cliff Hammett presents Jokes in Systems a series of experiments to understand how humour operates and what other purposes jokes could serve. Jokes in Systems features jokes written in computer code, card games with holes in their logic, a crazed ungovernable clock using simple stubborn automatism, each showing how the logic of jokes might be embedded in an algorithm or mechanical system and what we might learn in the process.

The Fair takes over the public spaces of FACT on Saturday 5 October from 11am – 6pm and it is all completely free! For the full lineup of exhibitors and more information on the AND Fair, please visit the AND website