11 September 2013

Whereas 2011 was about reaching out into public squares, unexpected spaces and empty shops, AND's programme this year invites you to embark on a freewheeling expedition across artistic and cinematic boundaries focusing on new tactics and strategies in cinema and digital culture.

AND 2013 commences with a week long programme of ateliers - training for artists by artists - followed by a three day festival of performances, debates, screening events and more.

While by no means an official concept or theme, AND could be described as a recursive festival this year, with many mini-programmes within the main programme. So: we have a series of workshops - The Ateliers – focusing on how to engineer the internet, performativity in the online space and the future of transport. We have a programme of film premieres, which focus on new cinema as a concept with films invoking questions related to special effects and new models of distribution, including director Q&A sessions and cinematic experiments. There's also a programme of free talks, documentaries and meet-and-greets in AND Hub, and a showcase of new work or work-in-progress by artists, technologists and hackers at the AND Fair, which will take over the public areas in and around FACT on Saturday 5 October.

The AND Hub in particular will be a hive of activity where you can check in for information, pick up a brochure or meet artists or new festival friends. It will feature a new pop-up cinema space designed by Liverpool-based urban design collective, RAAD, an innovative construction that will provide an arena for intimate performances and the exchange of ideas. 

Opening with a much anticipated performance from the “winningly ridiculous” Michelle Ellsworth, the AND Hub events have been scheduled to complement the wider festival programme. In response to Nicolas Maigret’s The Pirate Cinema, for example, there’ll be a screening of Director Simon Klose’s The Pirate Bay Away From the Keyboard, a Kickstarter-funded documentary charting the 2009 trial of Pirate Bay administrators Gottfird Svartholm Warg, Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde. Likewise in advance of our screening of 1944 Hedy Lamarr classic Experiment Perilous we’ll be showing a documentary, Calling Hedy Lamarr, about this talented and contradictory inventor and ‘Golden Age’ actress. The idea is to provide a jumping off point from which people can dive with confidence into the rest of the festival.

All of the AND Hub events are accessible for free on a first come first serve basis, so if you spot something you want to see, please swing by on time to find yourself a seat. The full programme for the AND Hub, together with AND 2013 as a whole, is available on the AND website.