13 August 2013

Author Joan Burnett

I Want Your Love has caused a bit of a stir around the world with its uninhibited portrayal of relationships and sex between gay men, but there is far more to it than that. This is a film that captures the zeitgeist of the urban gay community and examines our lives with a fresh clarity. Even San Francisco, the apogee of gay living can have its downside. 

The city is expensive and sometimes brutal in its attitude to those who may be struggling, such as Jesse, our film's hero. He is moving back Midwest to escape the economic pressure of trying to live the perfect gay lifestyle. The story is set around Jesse's last night in San Fran as he says goodbye and realises this is a watershed moment in his adulthood.

There is no director better placed to explore this area than Travis Mathews whose 2009 TV documentary series In Their Room brought the day-to-day San Franscisco community to the screen prompting other gay directors to comment on the veracity of his portrayal of gay life. 

Ira Sachs, director of Keep the Lights On, credits Mathews with "a kind and empathetic eye as a filmmaker", while John Cameron Mitchell, director of Hedwig and the Angry Inch refers to Mathews as, “refreshingly honest, a new voice giving queer cinema a much needed injection of emotional intimacy”. 

The film has had to fight censorship and has been a test of liberal views particularly in Australia where attitudes towards gender and sexuality have been much in the headlines this year. After the filmed was banned there in February, actor James Franco was moved to comment: “silly – Travis uses sex in a sophisticated way... never for titillation. Sex is such a big part of our lives; it’s how we create children, it’s how we connect – to keep it from films to explore it as human behaviour is very short sighted and very hypocritical. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if he made a violent film." Quite.

I Want Your Love screens at FACT on Thursday 165 August, Liverpool Pride will be in the FACT bar from 6pm to say hello. There are no ads or trailers with the film, so the start will be at 6.30pm prompt.

Tickets are on sale now from the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and online.