14 August 2013

Describe Summercamp Festival in one sentence
A genuinely well rounded festival featuring well known names alongside more challenging and obscure acts where the art, film, family and food side isn't just an afterthought, think the best of the British outdoors, indoors.

Why did you choose to base the festival at Camp and Furnace
Camp and Furnace's size and position just outside of the city centre gives us the opportunity to create a festival site that's uninterrupted by the outside world. It allows for us to programme a cohesive festival that isn't reliant on good weather, everything's close by and has the infrastructure already in place to make sure everybody can still have their creature comforts whilst still feeling as though they're within a festival environment. The Baltic Triangle is perfect for the slightly more left-field events the city has to offer and hopefully with Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia and now Summercamp heading to Camp and Furnace it'll convince others to bring more exciting projects to the area.

Who/What are you most looking forward to seeing
My personal highlights are split straight across the programme, the food side looks incredible with specially created feasts and unique dining experiences as well as the street food market that'll be open to the public. Line-Out with Drawing Sessions will be a real highlight, combining artists both visual and musical from Sense of Sound to Philip Jeck to create an interactive, visceral feast. Musically there's quite a few so hopefully I can catch them all, Mount Kimbie were spectacular earlier in the year, Optimo, Ewan Pearson and Nathan Fake are all in my top ten DJ list and then the more guitar based acts like Merchandise, Eagulls and Fair Ohs are all blisteringly good live.

Why were Earth and Turksib chosen
The film programming was split between myself and Lesley Taker, FACT's curatorial assistant, we have quite similar taste in a lot of things so we quickly came up with a long list of collaborations and commissions for the festival. We whittled down the list and finally came to Earth and Turksib, one suggestion each but both ones that we thought would be spectacular. Earth is one of the most beautifully shot films i've seen in a very long time, I can't give away too much about that side of things or I'll give away the plot but the film is like a series of paintings by the Dutch masters, breathtakingly beautiful. The film has a different soundtrack each time it's performed and the pair of us know and have worked with Mugstar a number of times over the years and the pairing felt natural as a way to propel the audience through the journey presented to the audience by Earth.
Turksib was a suggestion by a friend who'd seen the work previously in Leeds, a commission by the BFI back in 2011 to provide new soundtracks to silent Turkish cinema from the 20's. Bronnt Industries Kapital's soundtrack takes traditional instrumentation and combines it with modern technology to create a complex rhythmic soundtrack to the piece.

Why did you choose to partner with FACT
I've previously worked with FACT on a number of smaller scale music related screenings and have always admired their progressive programming both in the cinema's and the galleries. It felt like a natural collaboration to me and hopefully a stepping stone to further collaborative efforts between Summercamp and FACT in years to come.