2 August 2013

Caspar and Gabriela are Artists in Residence at FACT as part of the EMARE program, and they want your incredible, unbelievable, surprising true stories to form part of a unique live cinema event at this years Abandon Normal Devices festival.

They're looking for stories which happened in Liverpool or from people who live in the area. These stories of the most unforgettable moments in your life will all be brought together to tell the story of Liverpool through it's people and their incredible tales. 

You can be as involved in your story as you would like, from acting and contributing to the final film right through to just submitting your story and letting the two internationally acclaimed artists transform your story into cinematic gold! 

Everyone who submits a story will be invited to the premiere to experience the finished work and possibly see their contributions up on the big screen. 

For more information on the project and to submit your story, please visit the CINEMACITY website where you can contribute in a variety of different ways.