16 July 2013

Myself and artist Laura Pullig are going to be running the Prototype summer workshops for young makers at FACT. I am an artist, co-director of Re-Dock and I'm also currently studying an Mres in Child Computer Interaction at the ChiCI Lab in Preston. 

This week I have been preparing the Lo-Fi Hologram activity, which uses a version of the old peppers ghost illusion to give the impression that things are floating mid air above tablet computers or phones. This links with other art projects I have worked on with FACT, such as Can you hear me? I can see you! in which Re-Dock explored the future of communication with groups of mature adults and the Flunstellas collaboration with young people at Weatherhead High School.

For this activity we will be asking the young people to imagine that if they, like Princess Leia, were able to beam a miniature hologram of themselves across the universe, what kind of message would they send?

We will also be playing with 3D digital sculpting and animation, asking the young people to create 3D models to float in mid air and use them to create short films with lo-fi special effects.

Here are some examples I have been playing with this week:

A floating boy


A floating flunstella


A floating videomessage


Throughout the activity, the young people taking part will:

  • Create their own Peppers Ghost devices for tablets and phones
  • Create new videos of themselves ready to be miniaturized into a hologram
  • Create digital 3D models to float in space
  • Both groups will use some video editing tricks to get their video ready for their pepper ghost device and the older group will also learn some simple programming on the way.

They will take home the peppers ghost devices they make for tablets and phones, a kit to make more of them and they will be able to view the films they have made for their device online.

For more information about Prototype, or to book your place online, visit our Prototype project page.