20 June 2013

The first day at the Mini Me App project. On arrival at the FACT building I was filled with a mix of nerves and excitement. I was met by Louise Latter's happy face waiting by the lift to take us to up to the third floor, where our first project meeting was taking place. Entering the room, the large table everyone was gathered around was surrounded with lively chatter and laughter. Staff and project members both eagerly waiting to begin. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, which eased my nerves.

We started with a little introduction, which told us a bit about the project and what to expect from future meetings. Then we split up into pairs to do an ice breaking exercise to get to know each other. We were asked to find out the others persons name, What they like to do, and their favourite film. When we regrouped we read out our findings. It was really nice to hear a little bit about everyone’s lives. It was very interesting

The workshop artist moved on to talk about the photographer Eadweard Muybridge. We learnt about his revolutionary work in photographic studies of motion and how it changed the world and peoples persectives. I really liked this because I’d never heard of him before and I love to learn about the history of different artist and art forms. We brainstormed present day studies that we think will change the way the world thinks and possibilities of revolutionary ideas of our generation. The group came up with lots of suggestions from different areas of study.

Also we were given iPads to test 3 different Apps and give feedback on what we liked or disliked about them. It helped us tell the difference between what makes a good App and what will keep people using them, as well as what will draw people into trying new Apps, and the things we should be aware of when creating the Mini Me App.

All in all, the first day at the project was awesome. A fantastic group of very creative young people, with individual talents and ideas which collectively enhances the project. I can’t wait to work with them, and see what we can create togeather to help other young people with mental illness.

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