4 June 2013

Winners have been chosen for the It's Liverpool on Film competition, the 5 Day Film Challenge, having their films screened at the ECHO Arena and at FACT for hundreds of people to see.

Last week, judges came to FACT to create a shortlist for the competition and the winners were then revealed at LMH's tenant conference and awards event at the ECHO Arena on t4 June.

Film makers were asked to respond to the theme of 'Home' and to include selected elements in their films such as 'Birthday', 'Five' and the line 'There's no place like home'.

The contestants then had five days to script, shoot, edit and submit their films.

Andrew Abrahamson, Mark Rawle, Rebecca Cope, Lee Isserow and Tom Lox scooped first place for their film called Last Train to Lime Street, winning £1,000,  which they chose to donate to local cultural space Mello Melloand FACT membership.

The film shows a young man’s rush home to wish his mum a happy birthday with really nice references to the Wizard of Oz included in response to the ‘there’s no place like home’ line of dialogue that that had to be included.

Judges said it was a really fun and well thought out film.

Second place and a prize of £500 went to This Was Her Home produced by Stuart Matthews, Anna Ingram and Frank Ingram, which is a very personal and emotional response to the brief by Stuart Matthews. 

Rule the Roost, an old town pictures production by Liam Powell and Laura Maher won the under-19s category and came third overall, winning £250.

Going Home created by Cara Howard was runner-up in the under-19s category and fourth overall, while A Letter From Home by Stacey Cain, Phillip Macdonald, Andrew Daly and Steven Gent, came fifth. The top five films were also given a year’s FACT membership.

The winner of the under-19s category was given Picturehouse vouchers and a private screening for up to 30 friends in the Box at FACT and second and third places were also given Picturehouse vouchers and FACT membership.


FACT Creative Producer, Edwin Pink, says:

“We wanted to create a film challenge to build on the success of last year’s It’s Liverpool on Film competition and really open it up to everyone – so people could enter even if their films were shot on a mobile phone. “All the films were brilliant and we got a really good variety with people making documentaries, animations and short movies. “Making and editing a film in five days is not easy so to get so many people taking part has been really exciting and is a sign the competition will continue to grow and develop. “The focus was on people’s talent and their vision and interpretation of the home theme instead of technical ability and this really shone through.”


The shortlisted films screened at FACT can be seen here:


The competition was run by Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH), FACT and It's Liverpool to mark the Housing Association's fifth Birthday.


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