4 June 2013

The giant, carnival style, sign is currently being installed in our atrium ready for the opening of the Turning FACT Inside Out exhibition on 13 June. The 6m wide sign asks for your views on the often controversial topic of capitalism with the True and False votes displayed in huge red LED displays.

Steve Lambert describes the topic of capitalism as something he had been ‘ignoring’ over the years. After watching a film featuring philosopher Slavoj Žižek discussing how it is now easier to image the end of the world than the end of capitalism, Lambert began working on the sign in an effort to encourage more people to talk about the topic. 

He highlights films such as Mad Max, Idiocracy and Minority Report, which reinforce the idea that capitalism will always exist, and if it does disappear then society will crumble.

The project was funded through Kickstarter when Lambert decided that he wanted the sign to be ‘really big’ and to travel round the world and that he ‘didn’t have enough money’ to do it himself. In the end 434 people, pledged over $16,000 pledge to create the sign in return for rewards that included a call from Steve’s Mum and Dad to say thanks for helping their son!

He began to tour the USA with the sign, talking to members of the public, attempting to start conversations about capitalism and whether it really works. 

The sign now comes to the UK for the first time at FACT! It will appear in the atrium where you can vote, discuss, debate, fight and discover new perspectives on the difficult, contentious and divisive topic of capitalism.

There is more information on Capitalism Works for Me (True/False) and Steve Lambert, as well as all the other works and artists in the Exhibition on the Turning FACT Inside Out project page.