5 June 2013

Augmented Reality, or AR for short, is a new technology that allows you to use a smart phone or tablet to alter or enhance your view of the world. When users examine their environment through their mobile devices, they see information (text, images, 3D objects) superimposed on the space around them, integrated into physical locations as though they existed in the real world.

Manifest.AR use this technology to create interventions, applications and games to encourage debate on how we interact with the world and new technology allowing us to become ‘critical citizens’

They have shown their work in major international galleries, often uninvited! Manifest.AR have invaded galleries including MoMA and Tate Modern where they ‘installed’ their AR games and visualisations completely without the agreement of curators and gallery staff.

In their ‘AR Art Manifesto’ they state that the future ‘is without boundaries’ and that they wish to ‘transform Data’ into something physical and real. Their work in Turning FACT Inside Out can be used to deliberately “delete” parts of the city, use the sky as a blank canvas for creativity or populating the entire city with wild growth vegetation.

Manifest.AR’s Invisible ARtaffects features six new games and applications which can be played in FACT or using your own smart phone/tablet. For more information about Manifest.AR and the other artists in Turning FACT Inside Out, please visit the TFIO project page.