14 June 2013

Mexican conceptual artist Minera Cuevas works with video, installation and communication technologies to explore political and economic themes and ‘gaps in social structure’.

Her work for Random Acts, micadust, looks at Coyote and the Navajo creation story. Coyote creates ‘randomness’ whilst people create order and symmetry in Native American fokelore and myth. The film uses scenic and hypnotic images to tell the story of the creator and trickster that is Coyote.

The artistic practice of Minerva Cuevas is characterised by socially engaged and site-specific interventions that take place in a range of settings from public space to museums and the Internet.

Cuevas has had solo exhibitions around the world including, in 2012, Landings at Manchester’s Cornerhouse and the 2010 Liverpool Biennial. Her work Dodgem Shell is now held in the permanent collection of the Tate after it first appeared in a Mexican amusement park.

FACT’s commissions for the Random Acts series on Channel 4 includes work from international artists including Marina Abramovic, Johan Grimonprez, Hollywood actor James Franco, Palme d’Or winning director Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Turner Prize winners Mark Wallinger and Mark Leckey. Their work is screened late night on Channel 4 and is then available on the Channel 4 website and Artplayer.