14 June 2013

@jon_warburton Darth Vader. Obviously.

@TheGaryLambert Albert Finney in Big Fish is my favourite film dad. Or Tom Hanks in Sleepless (shhhhhhhhh!). #secretlysoppy

@mikeyglenning It's easily Mufasa in The Lion King

@AJSudworth It has to be Nemo's Dad! He crossed the ocean for his son!

@MrLeeHahan Without a shadow of a doubt Will Smith playing Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness

@AlexandBennett Michael Sullivan, Road To Perdition. And not a dry eye was to be seen.

@LizDentalSpa Ryan O Neill in Paper Moon. Rogue Dad but changed his ways in the end?

@ScouseBoyJim Lèon as an 'adoptive' Dad!

@ZoeMarras Jim's dad American Pie! #ledge

@JDTalking1 George Bailey in it's a wonderful life. Greatest dad, son, brother, member of the community ever

@cocolevey It's got to be THE CHAMP, one of the saddest scenes ever, I remember watching it as a child crying into a tea towel

@MatthewQuinton Kyle Reese. Saving his son before he's even conceived. Kinda. Ultimate movie dad! #terminator

@mjpicks Peter in Hook? He starts of being a pratty Lawyer then turns into a Super Dad!

@CharmingMan74 It's gotta be Atticus Finch. A single dad who teaches morals and still has time for hugs??

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