24 June 2013

The platitude ‘Capitalism Works for Me!’ situated above the entrance invites visitors into a transformed building as part of Turning FACT Inside Out. Theatrical lighting coupled with an American-style font ironically serves as the embodiment of capitalist consumerism: the utilisation of a succinct catchphrase to simplify complex ideas and engage the public in the endless cycle of purchasing goods. The phrase engages subversion by openly inviting visitors to question and challenge such ideas- declaring the success of capitalism as either true or false.

Turning FACT Inside Out continues the tradition of defiance and protest in Liverpool. The exhibition explores the destructive elements of capitalism linked to environmental issues concerning non-renewable energy. Hence, the exhibition seeks to openly question such concerns and explore the possibility of resistance. Liverpool’s history of socialist radicalism extends from the dock strikes of 1967, prominent figures in the trade union movement up to the city’s demonstration against austerity in 2012. The city has repeatedly diverged from the conformist path, both politically and culturally, in its appetite for resistance. The exhibition attempts to find a means of articulating such resistance and diminishing conformity through its exploration of the downfalls of capitalistic ideology. Turning FACT Inside Out represents art as an important vehicle for political discussion in a city renowned for defiance. 

The exhibition is open until 15 September and you can find more information on Capitalism Works for Me! (True/False) on the exhibition project page.