5 June 2013

Yesterday we held a special screening event at FACT to unveil the animations created by young people from Holy Cross Catholic Primary School. All of the Atlantic Star veterans involved in the Star-gazing programme and the young animators were invited to FACT to see their creations!

The students saw their work for the first time on the Big Screen alongside Jack and John, our wonderful Atlantic Star veterans who met with them to share their stories that went on to inspire the animation stories.

The two animations created by the young people are now available to view online. Both videos are on show on the right hand side of this page. Big Ears Day is a humorous tale about 48 hours on look-out and Lucky is a reflective look at life as a sailor during the Battle of The Atlantic.

The children's animations are on display at the Merseyside Maritime Museum as part of the national commemorative events of the Battle of the Atlantic from 14 May - 16 June.

Check out the Star Gazing project page to find out more about FACT's events and activities commissioned by Liverpool City Council for the 70th Commemoration of the Battle of the Atlantic.