21 May 2013

The project, which has taken the artists behind TransEuropeSlow all over Europe, will feature a virtual bike ride of parts of Breckfield, Everton, Kirkdale and the city centre which visitors can take without leaving FACT (or breaking into a sweat!) and will be revealed as part of FACT's next exhibition Turning FACT Inside Out.

One rainy Sunday morning the bike convoy, led by Bob Blanchard and Andy Lawton from the North Liverpool Cycle Club, set off and explored a two hour circular route through parks, docks, regeneration zones and city centre streets, proving that North Liverpool really is a great place to take a bike ride.

The project built on the long history of collaboration between FACT and The Breckfield and North Everton Neighbourhood Centre, a community centre based on the junction between Mere Lane and Breckfield Road North.

As part of their on going projects, including the North Liverpool Cycle Club, BNENC have successfully combated and tackled health problems related to lack of excercise affecting people living in the North Liverpool area – particularly through the HIM project which promotes health awareness amongst men.

Find out more about the Breckfield and North Everton Neighbourhood Centre at bnenc.org.

Sergio Galan is part of the Artist collective Uncoded.