17 May 2013

The residents were involved in iPad computer literacy sessions as part of an experimental learning project run in collaboration with Artist/Educator Jon Turton. The workshops enabled residents to Skype, to use search engines, apps and social media. Role play scenarios included 'peppers ghost' inspired art sessions organised by FACT’s Laura Yates in collaboration with Re-Dock, a collaborative art group based in Victoria Street, Liverpool.

The seven month long project culminates with the Can You Hear Me? I Can See You! Exhibition and an all out shin dig in FACT on Wednesday 15 May to celebrate the exhibition’s opening.

The multimedia exhibition by artists Dave Lynch, Sam Meech and Jon Astbury includes a giant billboard sized montage of those who took part, a projection with clips based on illusions and apparitions from TV and film and a range of prototype communication devices including a Skype Advice Portal, a communication laser and a video diorama.

With the party well under way, scouse, tea, cake, then more tea was served before a game of Skype bingo kicked off with artist Sam Meech’s Dad calling the numbers from his home to the packed crowd in The Box. I’ve never seen so many people in one room generate so much competitive energy! Just for the record a lady called Annette ended up winning with full house.

In an age where digital inclusion and access to information and knowledge is always possible, it is hard to imagine that the groups of independent living men and woman should be denied the right to get connected and join the online revolution. Through the last seven months FACT, Re-Dock and Jon Turton have worked to break the Digital Divide and equip these residents with the skills to use iPads, the internet, apps, Skype, social media and much more!

Can You Hear Me? I Can See You! is on show in the FACT Connects Space until Saturday 2 June.