16 May 2013

The exhibition has attracted fantastic reviews, amazing crowds and incredible audience comments right from the very start of its run in March. 

Featuring over 100 videos, The Art of Pop Video tells the story of the pop video, marking the medium’s substantial contribution to popular culture. The exhibition features work from artists including Björk, Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, Fred Astaire, Man Ray, Madonna, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga and Radiohead. 

Seven Streets described The Art of Pop Video as ‘a head rush of an exhibition, throwing everything at the wall to see if it sticks. It does, and it’s a delight.’  Saying that ‘at times like this, the hug of a brilliant three minute pop video goes a very long way indeed.’ 

The Financial Times highlighted the exhibition’s ‘abundance of retina-stinging visuals’ and the early music videos such as Len Lye’s Rainbow Dance and Fred Astaire’s iconic Top Hat routine.

‘Some of the most memorable moments in modern music’ including Ok Go’s viral hits, Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer and Arcade Fire’s revolutionary interactive video for We Used to Wait were selected by Peter Guy on Getintothis as his highlight

Comments from visitors were fantastic across the board with exhibition described as ‘Great’, ‘Brilliant’, ‘A Unique experience’, ‘remarkable’, ‘A great selection of very diverse videos. For Free!’ YouTube user themoonboots even filmed their trip round the gallery where she discovered that her favourite music video, Blue Song by Mint Royale, is included in the exhibition.

The exhibition is open until Sunday 26 May (12pm - 6pm) and entry is FREE!