3 May 2013

Our Collaboration and Engagement team, artist collective Re-Dock and artist/educator Jon Turton have been working with residents of Your Housing Group sheltered and supported accommodation to discuss technological innovations within their lifetimes, whilst exploring the outer limits of emerging telecommunications platforms.

As part of this experimental workshop and training programme, a series of prototype communications devices have been developed. These communications devices investigate questions such as "What message would you send to your younger self?” "Can we send a message into space?” "What are the uses of telepresence in an everyday residential setting?"

Everything from early theatrical techniques (particularly the peppers ghost effect) to 20th century versions of apparitions, the videophone in sci-fi cinema to teleportation and the domestication of video-conferencing through services like Skype has inspired the work in Can you hear me? I can see you!

The new trailer featuring footage of the workshops and training sessions can be viewed on the right hand side of the page, and more information is available on the Can you hear me? I can see you! project page.

The exhibition launches on 17 May as part of the city wide Light Night celebrations. The artsists will be available in the space to discuss their work and the development of the communications devices.