29 May 2013

My time at the BFI talent campus, delivered by the NFTS was an amazing experience. One of the main highlights for me was meeting the 53 other young like-minded people. It was great working together as a team on this project and it has inspired us to try and overcome the distance between us and hopefully make films together in the future. As well as this the visits to BAFTA, Pinewood and National Gallery were really inspirational and put the whole course into context.

As an editor on the course one personal highlight was using the Avid editing suite which is the professional standard software. Shooting on a professional camera, the ARRI Alexa was great as well. Along with the skills I learnt in editing I also learnt about production design, which I loved. I helped our production designer to build the set and acted as art department while shooting. This was great as I would never normally have the chance to do this. Working together as a team, in a professional environment, with the right equipment and skills meant it was a pleasure making the short film.

One note on the course is it was really hard work but everyone there loved it so much it didn't matter. The night before the shoot, we were up having production meetings at 10 in the evening that ran on late into the night after a full day of hard work.

In my opinion the most valuable bit of the course was meeting the like-minded people and industry professionals as these are the people that we hope to work with in the future.

My immediate plans for the future are to continue making short films, animations and start making music videos along side finishing my A levels. My long-term plans are to study Fine Art in London or Animation at Bournemouth University.