4 April 2013

Arguably, all art is a representation of emotion. Be it representative of the artist’s emotion, inspiring and triggering affects in the viewer or simply articulating and displaying our human feelings.

The Music Video refines the practices of Film and Music to produce concentrated windows to view emotion. Feelings of love, happiness, anger or sadness populate the videos that FACT is showing as part of The Art of Pop Video but which best represents our human emotion?

The Art of Pop Video features over 100 music videos including everyone from multi-million selling stars such as Michael Jackson and Bjork to relative unknowns like Whomadewho and Lyapis Trubetskoy. The exhibition tells the story of the massive impact that pop videos have had on popular culture. 

What video best represents emotion? Simply comment below, of fill in an voting form in the FACT foyer, and then video with the most votes will be included in our online exhibition.