30 April 2013

Phillip Warnell is an artist, filmmaker and academic. His distinctive films and writing have been exhibited, screened and published widely in the UK and internationally. The Guardian described him and his work as ‘interested in all those areas of human experience that used to be defined by such apparently outmoded terms as soul, or spirit, or inspiration, or charisma, or animal magnetism.’

An on-going theme in Phillip’s film work is the relationship between creatures, their containment, immediate environment and names. The Scales and Stripes is a precursor to a forthcoming feature in sequences pertaining to a forthcoming longer form film, a zoo becomes an apartment, a speech act becomes a speech cat, and space is imagined as a vivid, enlivened protagonist.

The Scales and Stripes is a tribute to both the textures and tales of two predatory creatures and their husband. It evokes the extreme circumstances of human-animal high-rise living, set in a Harlem high-rise social housing apartment.

The film screens at 12.10pm tonight on Channel 4 as part of their Random Acts strand of art film.