10 April 2013

Reuniting with Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance, Ryan Gosling plays Luke, a motorbike stunt rider who is barely scraping by travelling the country in small funfair, performing dangerous stunts for dwindling crowds. After a chance meeting with a long lost girlfriend, played by Eva Mendes, he turns to robbing banks in order to provide for her.

The film examines themes of family, fatherhood and fate when Bradley Cooper’s Avery begins to struggle with the decisions and choices he is forced to make in his job as a police officer.

With The Place Beyond the Pines only his second ever feature film, Derek Cianfrance has emerged as a unique and exciting new American director. Empire Magazine described the film as 'beautiful and bold filmmaking' with Henry Barnes in the Guardian calling it ‘ambitious and epic’.

The film was produced by Lynette Howell, who is from Liverpool and studied at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts before moving to Hollywood where she has worked on everything from Blue Valentine to Shark Night 3D.

The Place Beyond the Pines opens this Friday at FACT and tickets are on sale now from the box office, by phone or online