11 April 2013

The censorship of music videos has been a subject of debate for many years. Artists often feel the art should be free to engage in challenging discourses without compromising its form while other viewers feel music videos are becoming increasingly sexualised and are concerned about their impact on society.

Many of the music videos displayed as part of The Art of Pop Video have courted criticism and controversy since their creation. Those that explore and push the boundaries of the form often prove to be the most effective.

Much attention is paid to the restrictive censorship of broadcasters yet music videos that push the boundaries and debate subjects such as politics, sexuality, gender or race become some of the most effective communicators of artistic expression.

Whether it's The Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up, or the violence and rioting in Justice's Stress, or Madonna's 'blasphemous' video for Like a Prayer, pop videos have always been controversial and shocking. We want you to select the video that you think is the most controversial. Just comment below, or tweet @FACT_liverpool and the video with the most votes will be added to our exclusive online exhibition!