21 March 2013

The exhibition curators have selected over 100 videos that tell the story of the music video from the 1920s right up to the present day, now we want you to tell us your favourite music videos. They can be big name blockbusters, indie hits or complete unknowns! 

Over the next five weeks we will be looking for your favourite videos in a number of different categories. The video with the most votes in each category will go into an online, specially curated exhibition that we will launch on 25 April.

The first category looks for the most iconic video ever! 

Certain music videos have stuck out in history and have become signifiers of the artist they represent. They are the creations that are synonymous with their subject and are celebrated in their own right. 

Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues video comes to mind when we think of this. The video, an extract from a longer film, has become part of pop culture, adsorbed into it, copied, referenced and recreated in countless pastiche music videos and films alike. Perhaps no better example exists for the famous phrase “pop will eat itself” than the rehashing of this iconic moment in pop history.

There are countless other examples exist that have become timeless classics in the music video hall of fame. Many are exhibited as part of The Art of Pop Video, which video will you select as the most iconic?

To select the video you think is the most iconic, you can comment below or use the voting slips in the FACT Foyer.

For more information on The Art of Pop Video, visit the project page.